Our areas of legal expertise and skills

Company law

We support businesses to achieve success and sustainability by providing clear, efficient and targeted legal solutions.

It is important to us to find simple, fair and transparent solutions that enable and support sustainable business cooperation. The aim is to find an automatic regulatory mechanism for possible conflict situations in the worst case that is easy for the parties to understand, but which all parties hope will never actually be applied.

As former in-house lawyers and heads of legal departments in large and medium-sized organizations, we maintain a sharp focus on both legal and commercial outcomes. We advise in the following areas:

  • General Company Law (including claims enforcement)
  • Incorporations (all types and legal forms)
  • Capital measures
  • Reorganisations (acquisitions, mergers, splits, transformations, etc.)
  • Joint Venture/Cooperation Agreements
  • Union Agreements
  • AGM Representation
  • Deadline Management
  • Intragroup Service Relationships
  • Trusteeships
  • Shareholder Disputes

Labour law

Every company is impacted by labour law and many other regulations relevant to the workplace.

Our many years of experience have proven that sustainable added value is created above all through consistent and clear communication and use of fair and principled processes.

We advise amongst others in the following areas:

  • Individual Labour Law
  • Service Contracts
  • HR Issues
  • Collective Agreements
  • Work Hours (including flexible working models)
  • Cross-Border Provision of Services
  • Hiring of Labour
  • Secondments
  • Labour Law Training for Managers

Real estate law

Every tenant and house or apartment owner has legal challenges or questions from time to time.

We advise in all questions of residential and tenancy law as well as in related matters at competitive and fair conditions, as for example:

  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Purchase Contracts
  • Trust Management
  • Execution in the Land Register
  • Portfolio Relationships (rent/lease)
  • Legal Questions Regarding the MRG, WEG, WGG etc.
  • Determination of ownership
  • Gift and Transfer Agreements
  • Usage Agreements
  • Representation before Authorities

IT and licensing law

We see ourselves as sustainable and practical “enablers” and supporters in the negotiation of IT contracts, which are tailored to the needs of the respective project or customer and aim at a project implementation that is as transparent, sustainable and predictable as possible.

IT contracts are often a “black box” and therefore a risk that is difficult to calculate for clients or vendors. We offer practical legal support in every stage of negotiations or a possible mediator function for conflict situations in IT projects.

We are acutely familiar with the challenges associated with IT, In- and Outsourcing and digitalization. We advise on

  • Outsourcing Contracts
  • Hardware and software contracts
  • Provider contracts
  • Domain contracts
  • Website and App Contracts
  • License Agreements
  • Data protection law

    Data protection is an issue that all SME’s need to take seriously, particularly since the DSGVO came into effect in May 2018. Our practice aims to minimize risks and bring business practice into line with regulatory requirements.

    Our broad experience as external data protection officers, including for high risk organizations such as IT companies and health service providers, makes us well placed to advise on all data protection issues, for example:

    • Data Processing Register
    • Agreements for the Processing of Orders
    • Homepage Compliance (including privacy policy statements)
    • Requirement to Appoint a Data Protection Officer
    • Handling of Information Requests
    • Consent Processes for Employees and Customers
    • Internal Confidentiality Statements and Instructions to Employees
    • Data Breach Procedures
    • Reviewing and Conducting of Data Protection Impact Assessments

    Comprehensive Legal Company Services and External Legal Department

    Have you decided against setting up an internal legal department for your business, but – aware of your obligations and possible risks and liabilities – want the support and security of a professional legal team? Our firm offers practical advice to ensure your legal compliance, at reasonable rates.

    Thanks to our many years of experience as heads of corporate legal departments, we have the skills and experience to pragmatically manage general and sector-specific issues and projects across all business functions.

    As an “external legal department”, we focus, as required, on operational business activities or on advice at the managing director/executive board or shareholder level, for example:

    • Legal Health Check – where are the biggest legal risks of the company and how can I minimize them?
    • Consulting for management and shareholders (e.g. liability, compliance, ICS, etc.)
    • Corporate housekeeping (e.g. articles of association, resolutions on the Annual financial statements, other shareholder resolutions, rules of procedure, managing director contracts, division of tasks, etc.)
    • Review, drafting and negotiation of your company agreements (e.g. articles of association, general terms and conditions, employment contracts, customer contracts, supplier contracts, IT contracts, rental contracts, data protection conformity etc.)
    • Administrative law issues (e.g. appointment of administrative representatives, trade law, operating permits, etc.)
    • Legal (sub-project) management for internal company projects

    Comprehensive support for entry into Austrian and Polish markets

    The Austrian market is an attractive market for international investors with a well-functioning legal system, advanced research and development, a well-trained workforce and a very high quality of life.

    • We support Polish companies as they enter the Austrian market, from the cross-border provision of services and the sale of goods to the establishment of an Austrian branch, from questions of posting and hiring employees to the formation of companies and the commencement of business activities to questions of trade law and the contractual protection of their interests.
    • Are you an Austrian company that wishes to expand into the Polish market, or do you need legal support for your existing business transactions? Together with our legal partners in Poland, we can provide you with experienced, professional legal support – in your native language.
    • Cooperation with a broad network of relevant consultants.
    • We provide “one-stop-shop” support and cooperate intensively with the Austrian Business Agency, management consultants, tax consultants, real estate and insurance brokers, and other professional services as required by our clients.
    • Cooperation with Polish lawyers and notaries.
    • For Austrian companies entering the Polish market, we provide assistance in cooperation with highly qualified and internationally experienced partners in Poland (e.g. international financing, international tax law, international civil law, arbitration, etc.).