Labour law challenges in sport: from service contracts and practice.

  • Post published:20/08/2019

The labour law framework creates various challenges and complexities for employers and employees alike, but also opens up possibilities for the practice-oriented and risk-minimising structuring and organisation of employment relationships. The basis for each employment relationship is an employment contract which ideally corresponds to the concrete requirements in each case and which transparently and comprehensively maps the mutual rights and obligations. In addition, numerous labour law provisions apply, which require special questions, especially in the context of sports. Legally correct procedures are required in the interests of both employers and employees, the increasing addressing of labour law issues by the authorities and courts vis-à-vis sports associations is an essential aspect. In the following, an overview of the targeted selection of the suitable employment contract for each individual sitation is offered, and selected employment law constellations in the sports sector are dealt with.

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